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Why I’m quitting Instagram – for now

Recently, I’ve become a huge fan of Kacey Musgraves. And as I’ve rapidly consumed her past three albums, I was struck by a true gem of a lyric:

Mind your own biscuits, and life will be gravy.

I love this for so many reasons, and I promise I’m not being passive-aggressive. Even though I consider myself a private person and do get irritated at prying, this lyric resonated with me for another big reason. I was comparing myself to people way too much, and as a result, not feeling great about myself.

Soon, it had me thinking: I’m done with Instagram.

That escalated quickly.

About a year ago, I started heavily curating my content, similar to an influencer approach. Although I’ve never wanted to be, or called myself, an influencer, it was something I liked doing. As a result, I was spending a lot more time on Instagram. And as I racked up hours posting, liking, commenting, viewing, etc., I realized I really was missing out on reality around me.

I found myself doing things or buying things for the photo. I found myself comparing my hair, body, productivity, career, house, hell, skin care products, to other people and what they had going on. And while I do believe following genuine influencers can be a great source of inspiration, and many are truly wonderful people, it was taking a dark turn for me.

The world of social media, particularly Instagram, had entrapped me in a sort of social sensory overload. So many overwhelming messages were flooding my feed and seeping into my mind – be productive, capture everything, comment within an hour of posting, do this, don’t do that, be positive, etc. Then there was all the inauthentic content, which made me feel generally discouraged.

And then something happened one Saturday evening. As I muscle-memory’d my way into my social media group of apps and went to tap the Instagram icon, I had a thought: “I don’t really want to know what everyone else is doing right now.”

That thought has stuck with me for a while. I was so busy seeing other people’s lives on Instagram and seeing what they do, that I forgot I was an individual with opinions, likes, interests, etc. I realized if I’d spent the time investing in my life instead of looking at everyone else’s, my happiness level would probably skyrocket.

So I’m testing that theory. The headline is grabby on this post, since I’m not a “say never” person. But, I am quitting Instagram for now. I’m quitting doing things to post about them. I’m quitting feeling obligated to “like” people’s content. I’m quitting being overly available. I’m quitting curating content.

I’ll continue to be active on my business Instagram for NOVA, but my personal will be pretty MIA (save for messages, because I love when my friends send me memes) until I feel mentally ready and refreshed to open it up and hit “post” again.

Now, I’m off to mind my own biscuits. Thanks for reading.








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