I’m a writer of fiction and writing my second novel! Check out my works below.

Work In Progress

A seventeen-year-old aspiring engineer gets caught in a deadly public relations war between two competing theme parks.

*HIGH SENSATIONS is a young adult novel.


Twelve-year-old Danielle LaFolle returns from summer writing camp eager to see her family, sleep in a full bed, and enjoy home-cooked dinners. Instead, she arrives to an empty, disheveled house. Her father and younger sister, Abigail, are nowhere to be found.  Danielle rifles through her sister’s journal to learn that they aren’t really missing – they’re in another dimension named Soniccous.

Following Abigail’s writings, Danielle crosses into this other place. She meets Sigmund Super, a know-it-all boy who says there’s someone who could help – a secretive woman that locals call The Savant. When the kids find her, she tells them that Abigail is in the custody of Cessair Coler.

Cessair, the chancellor of Soniccous and a notorious hypochondriac, plans to use Abigail’s blood to create a vaccine that will render her immune to all illnesses, including the nasty Indigo Fever that marred the country years before. But when she finally tests her new experiment, something goes horribly wrong, and Danielle catches Indigo Fever. Now, her sister and new friend have to find a cure – and find it fast – before the Fever rises again. But it’ll come at a great cost.

*A CURE OF BLOOD is a middle grade novel and currently being queried.